Breaking Through Power

It’s easier than we think.

In Breaking Through Power, Nader draws from a lifetime waging—and often winning—David vs. Goliath battles against big corporations and the United States government. In this succinct, Tom Paine-style wake-up call, the iconic consumer advocate highlights the success stories of fellow Americans who organize change and work together to derail the many ways in which wealth manipulates politics, labor, media, the environment and the quality of national life today. Nader makes an inspired case about how the nation can—and must—be democratically managed by communities guided by the U.S. Constitution, not by the dictates of big businesses and the wealthy few. This is classic Ralph Nader, a crystallization of the core political beliefs and commitments that have driven his lifetime of advocacy for greater democracy.

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Event Videos

May 2016 September 2016

Day 1 (5/23/2016)

Ralph Nader’s Introduction to the Conference

Shawn Armbrust on the Conviction of Innocent People, and Making the Justice System More Just

Karen Friedman on Protecting Pensions

Michael Jacobson on Nutrition Advocacy

Jamie Love on Ending Drug Monopolies

Ralf Hotchkiss on Developing Wheelchairs in Third World Countries

Robert T. Coulter on Indigenous Rights

F. Paul Bland on Corporate Cheating and Predatory Lending

Jim Hightower on Rallying the Public to Defeat the Corporate Elites

Sidney Wolfe on Consumer Health

Robert Fellmeth on Children’s Advocacy

Michael McPhearson on Veterans for Peace

Clarence Ditlow on Auto Safety

Jeff Ruch on the Importance of Public Employees as Environmental Advocates and Stewards Harvey Rosenfield on The Unconditional Bailout of Wall Street

Al Fritsch on Renewable Technologies in Appalachia

Janet Domenitz on the History, Importance, and Future of Public Interest Research Groups

Day 1 (9/26/2016)

Russell Mokhiber on Corporate Crime

S. David Freeman on What Our Energy Police Should Be John Fox on Federal Tax Policy

Joan Claybrook on How Congress Really Works

Janine Jackson on Challenging Corporate Media

Oliver Hall on Small Claims Courts

Neil Seldman on Community Business

Michael Jacobson on Organizing for Safe Food

David Vladeck on Empowering Consumers

Robert Weissman on Corporate Money in Politics

Robert Vaughn on the Importance of Whistleblowing

Peter Dreier on Public Sentiment and Social Change

Jordan Estevao on Training for Change


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