Andrew F. Popper

Law Professor, American University

Law Professor, American University

Andrew F. Popper teaches Torts, Administrative Law, Government Litigation (a seminar), and Advanced Administrative Law at American University’s Washington College of Law. He was associate dean of the law school between 1988 and 1995.

Professor Popper is the author of more than 100 published books, articles, papers, and public documents. Since 2007, he has published two novels, REDISCOVERING LONE PINE (West, 2009), and BORDERING ON MADNESS: AN AMERICAN LAND USE TALE (Carolina Academic Press, 2008), and two casebooks, ADMINISTRATIVE LAW: A CONTEMPORARY APPROACH (West, 2009, with McKee), and, A COMPANION TO BORDERING ON MADNESS: CASES, SCHOLARSHIP, AND CASE STUDIES (Carolina Academic Press, 2008, with Avitabile and Salkin). He has served as a consumer rights advocate and pro bono counsel for the Consumers Union of America, testified before various Congressional committees, and authored amicus curiae briefs before the United States Supreme Court. Prior to coming to the Washington College of Law, he held an endowed chair at the University of Denver, School of Law. Before going into teaching, he practiced law in Washington, DC.


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